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The data tells the story of why Sound Learning is such a powerful tool. Here Kindergarten  Teacher, Teresa Monroe, shows data for  the dramatic transformation of her class.  What the data does not show is her students enthusiasm for reading and writing.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my students using  Sound Learning!  I had a group this year, many with no prior schooling or parent involvement, who have benefitted tremendously by the way we taught letters and letter sounds this year. I have attached a few screenshots of my I-Station Summaries throughout the year.

As you can see, my class began with 50% Tier 1 in LK and 30% in PA. By February, they grew to 100% in LK and 90% in PA!!! We ended the year strong, with 100% in LK and PA. I am confident that Sound Learning is the reason my class is so prepared for 1st Grade. The objects, poems, stories, etc. that teach each letter are designed so thoughtfully. I have never taught letters in such an intentional and engaging way. I had just as much fun as my kids did! I know my kids will remember what they learned through Sound Learning for years to come. 

Thank you, Karen  and Julie for standing behind what is best for our kids! 

Teresa Monroe /Kindergarten – Team Leader

Caldwell Elementary School  McKinney, Texas

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