What is Sound Learning?



After years of success in their own classrooms, Kindergarten teachers, Karen Durrick and Julie Pyne, are ready to share their unique literacy strategies called Sound Learning with the world. More than lessons and routines, Sound Learning is an engaging, flexible framework that leads emergent readers into the world of literacy. Sound Learning bundles formerly compartmentalized lessons into real-life literacy including: oral language, letter learning, phonics, blending, genres, concepts of print, letter writing and strategies for encoding and decoding. You can find testimonials at TheHookies.com.


“Why is Sound Learning So Amazing?” 

Because it:

• Focuses on meaning, not just phonics

• Develops problem solving with text

• Helps students experience sounds in context immediately

• Teaches multiple sounds for letters

• Incorporates correct letter form learning

• Links environmental sounds to letters

• Provides cross-curricular readers

• Includes multiple genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and storytelling)

• Creates a collaborative process that activates and excites children

• Aligns to State Standards while being developmentally appropriate and fun


“What especially stands out for me is the joyfulness and effectiveness of your Sound Learning approach, coupled with an emphasis on flexible thinking and risk-taking. It is those life-long skills that will benefit our little ones long past their emergent literacy years into their approach to all subject areas and to real-life problems.”—

Dr. Eileen Feldgus
co-author of Kid Writing

“Using the Sound Learning made my teaching come alive! The stories, poems, motions all come together, to create a dynamic learning environment. Infusing concepts of print with phonics is ingenious.”

—Becky Raymond, Kindergarten teacher